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1: License terms:

Scroll Saw PDF & Mailed Paper Patterns: Scroll saw users can make and sell unlimited finished items as long as they are cut by hand. These pattern options are not intended for laser engravers or other automated reproduction.

SVG File For Laser: This pattern option is intended to be used for laser engravers and may work for other devices as well however we offer no support for any other devices. Purchasing this option gives you our “Small Business License” allowing you to make and sell up to 100 finished items per pattern purchase (100 of each item in that pattern). If you need an unlimited license for mass production, please contact us for pricing. This does not include selling stencils which essentially amounts to redistributing our patterns for others to use. If you make a stencil, it can only be for your own use in making finished wood signs, etc.

Please note that if you are ordering SVG files, we email those manually when we see your order, so there will be a bit of a delay. We do our best to get them out as soon as possible but we do sleep and maybe even occasionally leave the house!

Patterns may be reproduced solely for the purpose of making the project – not for resale or any sharing purposes. Finished items that are cut by hand may be sold for profit within the licensing terms mentioned above. Credit to the designer is encouraged. Pattern and photographs are copyright Sheila Landry Designs. Redistribution of patterns, photos or instructions in any form is not permitted without prior written consent.

You may choose to change the design any way you like for your own use, but you are not permitted to sell or share any part of our pattern line work with others.

3: Note for Laser Engravers

All of our patterns were designed with a scroll saw in mind. Certain parts may have to be cut, engraved, or assembled differently when made with a laser. We do provide some notes on the SVG files, but the main instruction booklet has instructions intended for a scroll saw. These are included with the SVG pattern to help you by providing a cover picture and ideas for how they were originally designed. Some design choices will need to be made by you.

Since we have never used lasers personally, we are not able to help very much in this area however if you aren’t able to open SVG files, let us know what you need and we will try to provide a format that works for you. SVG files will be emailed to you manually by us when we see your order. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to email you (We typically get them to you right away during the daytime.)

4: Shipping (Updated September 2021)

Shipping paper patterns to the USA can take up to 2-5 weeks for delivery from the shipping date. Generally shipping will take about 2 weeks however packages can sometimes be delayed at the border or by slowing USPS services. We apologize but have no control over these delays and appreciate your patience. There is no tracking on these smaller orders however it is very rare than any order is lost. (If you run into an issue where your order is taking long to arrive by mail and you need a pattern sooner, you can always contact us and we can email you a PDF version so you can get started.)

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